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OKSANA ANGEL’s musical journey started at the age of eight when her parents discovered her amazing voice and signed their daughter up at a Russian School of Music.

Oksana had learned to play a variety of instruments – the piano, guitar, saxophone and flute. Yet voice remained her favorite medium of artistic self-expression. But it was not until her life-changing trip to Italy where she traveled as an exchange student that she was inspired to unconditionally dedicate her life to art. With a keen interest in songwriting, Oksana began composing her own songs and writing lyrics both in Russian and English. Winning first regional contest got her the attention of the local media and music professionals alike. As 14-year old Oksana was bombarded with radio and television shows and interviews, her own songs were played on mainstream radio in Russia and her talent and skills were rightfully recognized by music industry pros.

One day Oksana received a strange call... from the manager of the famous Russian band “Kulikove Pole” which resulted in many years of successful collaboration especially on their English songs. Shortly thereafter she met with another music icon of the Russian Rock - the band “St. Petersburg” (Sankt Peterburg). Oksana contributed her natural songwriting talent to the creation of the band’s English albums recorded for the American and European markets.

After graduating with a B.A. in Piano and while pursuing a Master’s degree in Voice, Oksana was privately coached by a classical singer, Renowned Artist of the Russian Federation Anatoly Postnov and later on Alla Korshunova whose voice techniques and singing methodology became famous all over Russia and Europe.

After a few years of additional training with vocal coaches, recording 2 Russian albums of her own original music, touring Russia with her own band and performing at major venues including the Opera House in Samara, Oksana relocated to Los Angeles, CA to further pursue her artistic goals.

In the United States OKSANA ANGEL has worked with major label producers, engineers and Billboard-charting DJs alike, including Jay King (Jay Records), Klubjumpers (Jason Derulo), Chris Johnson (Evanescence), KIRV (Dr. Dre), Richard Bosworth (Sarah Brightman), John Van Nest (Cher, Michael Jackson) and many other extraordinarily talented musicians, hit songwriters and music executives.

After a 7-year long collaboration with the top American studios, record labels and producers, OKSANA ANGEL has complied 30 songs to be released on her own label “Kingdom of Angels Records” in association with a major label (to be announced). The debut album is entitled “Unconditional Love” the newly created sound of which has determined the direction of the following 2 albums “Formula of Love” and “Kingdom of Angels.”
OKSANA ANGEL is an author of three spiritual books published on her own label “Kingdom of Angels Publishing.”
OKSANA ANGEL is currently working on her fantasy film entitled “Unconditional Love, a Medieval Story” which will feature all her original songs.
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